About us

Welcome to the Pet Favourites family!

We began operations a year ago with the goal of transforming Australia’s online pet supplies marketplace into one that includes a mix of both conventional items, like standard food and toys, and new-age innovative items that would revolutionize pet lifestyles and livelihoods. We have established relationships with hundreds of customers to date and plan on growing the Pet Favourites family even more. We are hoping to give back to the wider pet community of Australia.

Our family of pet enthusiasts, rescuers, parents, and friends is growing every single day and this is something we are not just elated by, but extremely proud of. We make it our mission to ensure that we provide our customers with the very best products and services, varying from dog collars, to bird toys, to cat food, and much more.

However, we are more than just another pet store. We aspire to be an integral family within a community of pet lovers. From talking about important topics like animal rescue shelters, flea treatment techniques, dog training, and cat grooming tips, our commitment is also to help make you a more informed and empowered pet parent.

So, once again, it gives us great pleasure to welcome you to our family!

Our commitment to you

Reliability, credibility, integrity, and accessibility are central to everything that our family here at Pet Favourites is all about. Whether it is providing you with information and news, products, or interacting with you on social media and here on our website, our pledge to you is that we will uphold every aspect of our services to the very highest of standards – simply because that is what you and your pet deserve.